PHPStorm (2017.2.4) open new Project error

I got a little confused last time I tried to load a new project in PhpStorm with „Create new Project from existing files“ – there was no error message from Phpstorm or my system.

After a like 5 tries and no errors I was looking for diffrences in my other projects – they worked just fine. Sure it was my mistake… I accidentally used

chown -R www-data:www-data myproject/

because I was to lazy to just do that for tmp / logs and plugins in my APP. Well it turns out Phpstorm then can not load the project. Seems about right, but a little error message would be nice – maybe it will be in the next Version.

My version

Version: 2017.2.4
Build: 172.4155.41
Released: September 15, 2017


Hope this helps anybody – times already rare – why spend it with such a bummer 😉

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